Sunset Suites



Kasi Althaus, Elena Peters Arnolds, Kathy Hepburn, Laura L. LePere, Aude Levère, Andrea Victoria Paradiso, Denise Pinnell, Christin Rothe, Suzie Sullivan, Amy Sutryn, Rosana VanHorn. and Philip Wiegard

 Sunset Suites, 2021 / Polymer clay paintings / dimensions variable

Installation view Illiberal Arts, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (photo: Aya Schamoni, 2021)

Sunset Suites, 2021 (Detail: Kathy Seitzinger Hepburn)

Sunset Suites, 2021 (Detail: Laura L. LePere)

Sunset Suites, 2021 (Detail: Aude Levère)

 Sunset Suites, 2021 (Detail: Amy Sutryn)

 Sunset Suites, 2021 (Detail: Rosana VanHorn)

 Sunset Suites, 2021 (Detail: Elena Peters Arnolds)

How To Make. A Polymer Clay Sunset, 2021

YouTube video / HD / 28:38 mins